Radio mobile hand crank retractable antenna fix!

I know this is an old topic but I have had no luck finding a solution!
My MK IX has an original radio with a charming hand cranked antenna which no longer responds to the hand cranking! I believe the nylon cable has stretched and no longer ‘bites’ the inside crank pulley. All parts seem fine except for this nylon cable that pushes and retracts the antenna when cranked. I’ve read many people in this forum have renewed or repaired their antennae - can anyone help? I assume I need to replace the antenna rod and attached nylon cable with Newer modern ones I see on line - but I don’t know which one will fit, — or if I can detach a nylon cable from a new antenna and re-attach it to my original smiths antenna shaft.
Has anyone tried either of these fixes?
NOS Smith’s radiomobile drank assemblies are made of unobtainium - have never seen one for sale.

Thank you all! And merry Christmas
Greg Arnold

Greg. Try not to get hung up on what is used to power your antenna, motor or crank and go
from there. Try Youtube to see what others have done to radio antennas with broken cables.
I did this on a power antenna on an Olds I once owned. Seemed simple. Good luck, Pete

Hi Pete - not Hung up at all! Basically have not used the antenna for years - car runs really well, it’s all original inside and out, I don’t obsess - I just like things working, like original antenna crank - and now I’m doing some re-build to front end (bushings deteriorated) - figured I’d look at antenna again. - and simply would love to have info from others who have repaired their smiths winding unit.

It appears the original antenna is attached to a toothed plastic or nylon cable that runs into the winding unit — has anyone replaced this antenna with a newer version?
Thanks all - merry Christmas

Greg, Open the old antenna and measure the line that is toothed and try to match. With any luck it will just be congealed grease in the windings. If not then you know what your after. Nothing to lose. Pete