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Been looking to replace my radio setup in Harlem (my '00 XJ8) since I have had problems with a cassette tape stuck in it (ejection function is malfunctioning, apparently). I was going to remove and take the unit to a car audio repair place, but seeing how plentiful and cheap replacement radios are for the XJ8s (quite unlike the face-lift XJSes!) it’s quicker and cheaper for me to just get another good used radio. Problem is I’m finding that most of the vendors of these radios do not have the Jag security code to go with them. I have asked the sellers about this obstacle, and they advise me that they can give me the donor vehicle’s VIN # and with it a Jag dealership can give me the radio code. Have you found this to be true, and do the dealerships usually charge for that info.? :grimacing:

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I haven’t had to get a code for my XJR, but have done it for a BMW and a Honda. Both obtained in minutes from the main dealer on production of the VIN# and , as I recall, over the phone, so I assume it will be the same for Jaguar. I wasn’t asked for proof of ownership on either occasion.


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Yes true Your Jaguar Dealership should be able to do it from the VIN some charge some don’t
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In theory that’s true but, what if the purchased replacement was not original to the car?


Good point. I wonder if there is some way the dealership or Jag corp. can get it from the serial # off the radio in that situation? One seller admitted to me he didn’t have either the code (or presumably the VIN # of the donor car) … I told him then it’s pretty much just a radio for parts, sounds like … :-1:

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They won’t give you the code from a serial number on the radio itself ( if indeed it has one?) otherwise they would be overwhelmed by calls from radio thieves.The reason for a code in the first place is to ensure that a stolen radio can’t be operated and hence the reason its the VIN they need is that it is highly likely that if you know the VIN you are the owner of said vehicle / radio.

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So why do manufacturer’s put the Vin details on a tag and display it in the bottom corner of the windscreen/shield? That’s always baffled me.


Exactly … I think though maybe it’s for police purposes … If the VIN # is “in plain sight” then the police don’t have to have “reasonable, articulable suspicion” per federal constitutional law to believe the car is stolen in order to enable them to search it w/o the need for a search warrant. In other words, they can just look down through the windshield and obtain the # and run it …

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Wonder what they would do if you blocked it somehow?


Hmmmm … interesting question! I don’t know any law (at least here in Texas) that requires that the VIN # on the dash be kept visible (unlike the license plate #s or the state inspection/registration windshield sticker) . On the other hand, maybe if it appears that the owner has deliberately covered it up (e.g. with masking or duct tape) the question arises would that = “reasonable articulable suspicion” that something criminal is afoot, justifying a warrantless search of the car to remove the obstruction and/or check the other locations of the VIN # on the car body. :thinking: