Radio wiring help

1988 XJS with radio/tape player.

I’m wiring in an aftermarket radio, and need to know the Jaguar wire colors so I can splice.


Hello Greg - I looked at my 1988-1/2 NAS 5.3 and 3.6 and 1987 5.3 and 3.6 wiring schematics and found the following:
speakers are in 8-wire plug:
back of radio center to left: BW - LH front spkr; B - LH front spkr; B - LH rear spkr; BR - LH rear spkr;
back of radio center to right: BW - RH front spkr; B - RH front spkr; B - RH rear spkr; BR - RH rear spkr;
5-wire plug: (from radio) WK on left - line fuse; P - ground tied to cigar lighter; RW - from RU at light switch; WK in center - Aerial; other RW unknown (may be dimmer switch) - hope this helps you - Tex Terry II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - 2/1/2020 1502hrs EST.

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Sorry, i don’t understand your descriptions…
Colors would help.

The 8 plug must be speakers:
Orange, Orange w/ white stripe
Green, Green w/ white stripe
Brown, Brown w/ white stripe
Red w/ white stripe, White w/ red stripe

The 5 plug:

Been reading thru the archives a lot, and finally stumbled on this:
Orange - front left speakers
Red - front right
Green - left rear
Brown - right rear

The power connector:
Red - 12V always
Yellow - 12V ignition on
Black - ground
White - ?
Blue - ?

He gave you colours, you just need to know what’s what.

WK-probably white with black tracer, etc.
If they are the same I don’t know

Ahhh, I didn’t understand the abbreviations. I’ll try looking again.

Also, I don’t have any pink or purple wire.

Hello Greg - here are the color codes as per my manual: N- Brown; B - Black; W - White; K - Pink; G - Green; R - Red; Y - Yellow; O - Orange; S - Slate; U - Blue; P - Purple; L - Light (LGW = Light Green with White tracer) - first letter is main color and second letter is tracer. For the six hole connector, the 1989 schematic has 4 wires: Y going to terminal 87 of the radio relay; R going to an in-line fuse then going to terminal 30 of the radio relay - the radio relay and the in-line fuse are located in the console area; W - connects to a WK going to terminal 3 of the antennae delay relay - this relay is located in the boot RH fender area; RW connects to a RU going to fuse # 7 of the main fuse panel. This still does not match exactly to what you show in the above picture, but this is what I could find - Tex Terry II, 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1086 XJS V12 - 2/1/2020 2109hrs EST.

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I think the attached picture of the decal on a Jaguar radio that I removed from one of my Series III XJ6 parts cars will answer all of your wiring questions. If not, let me know.


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Thanks! You both are awesome!

I’ll think of you when I start listening to MP3s on my smart phone in my 80s Jag! :slight_smile:

Yes Paul, that label seems to match his connectors - sure is different than the schematics in my manuals - Tex

Greg’s car had the earlier radio without the Security Code feature. Jaguar made lots of changes in radios and wiring over the years.


Actually, I did need to enter a five digit code to run it

Thanks for the follow-up - at least I am not feeling so dumfounded now - glad you got it working - if you installed an aftermarket radio why did you still have to enter a radio code - Tex

No, I had to enter code for my Jaguar radio.

I haven’t wired up the JVC yet, will tomorrow, thanks to both your responses.

Thanks guys, just tested out radio, first try everything is hooked up correctly!

BUT, just like i read in archives, the red constant 12V is not working, and a 2A fuse is supposedly to blame, which is recommended to go to 10A.

But where is this fuse?!? I don’t see it anywhere in the fuse panels. Thanks!

It’s buried in the console…

Thanks, WOW, it was buried! The fuse was actually OK, but I went ahead and upped it to 10A.

Turns out, I mistakenly connected yellow to yellow and red to red. Jaguar says red is battery, JVC says yellow is battery.

Here’s the circuit layout for the radio. This is taken out of the S57 (revised July 1988 wiring diagram for the XJ Series III’s and XJ-S’s - radio.pdf
symbol legend

wire color legend

Grounding points
Grounding points.pdf (577.3 KB)

If this doesn’t match what you’ve got let me know. I also have the complete 6 volume XJ-S Service manual I can dig through for you. Also in the XJ-S book in the glove box, in the back of the book there should be a wiring diagram give enough to cover an entire wall.

If there’s anything else, let me know.
Hope this helps.

WTH, Greg! You should know better by now! :slight_smile:


Sorry, common sense sometimes carries over from working on my Volvos! :wink: