Raising S-Type by the front cross-member?

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Ahoy !
I’ll be using an hydraulic floor jack (aka: “trolley jack”) and frame stands so I can work under the car Re: Climate Control Valve (CCV) replacement.
I’ve seen where to place the jack stands via Internet videos.
But, can I use the front cross-member to raise both front wheels simultaneously ? Jacking up one side and then the other is always an anxious and cautious task that I’d rather avoid. The hydraulic jack’s 3 1/2 ton maximum capacity should be sufficient as the S-Type’s gross weight, as peer the technical guide, is 2195 kg (4839 lbs.).
Thank you.
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Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

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Thank you.
Dumb Q? Department: Thread is from XK8 so, would that information be applicable to the S-Type construction ?

Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

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Hmm you have a point, all I can find that is S or X type specific indicate that only the jacking points should be used.
So it is probably a NO NO!

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They are probably concerned about somebody using a small jack and lifting on only one point, which might break the cast aluminum.
I’ve lifted mine several times on the cross member, but I have a jack with a large saddle and a piece of 3/4" plywood fitted inside the saddle.
I also drive the car up onto a couple of 2x10s first to raise it up 1-1/2" so the jack will fit under there.
But for most work I use ramps.