Rallying in the south of France

A lovely summer rally in the Dordogne, with a good mixed bag of classics.


Just saw your post by accident! Nice cars.
We have a house close by.
Got 5! speeding tickets in France in 2020!! They have gone crazy for it since the last Le Mans Classic.
Even got a parking ticket in my 1971 Citroen that I keep over there. I only drove it for one day!! Only visited one village! middle of nowhere!
I shall be returning in an E type this summer I hope (if they will let me in!).
Where did you go in the Dordogne?

Thanks for your email. We do a rally based on Sarlat some years, but the E-type has been everywhere in France and 21 other countries. Not so much nowadays because of advancing years but we hope to get some more mileage on the clock (past 125,000 now) for the 60th anniversary, especially as my E-type is 60 this year.



We are all going to E60, hopefully France as well.
I will keep my eyes peeled.

We are all doubtful that Blenheim will be on. I’ve been vaccinated, but SWMBO has to wait. Here in the Sarthe only 18,000 out of 600,000 have been vaccinated.

Well lets hope they get their stabbing rate up and keep our fingers crossed.

Is this the same E60 as E-Type Club UK is having in June? I’m hoping to make that and the run to Geneva. Le Mans Classic has also been reserved (again).

There will be countless events about the 60th anniversary of the E-type all over the world. The French JDC will be holding one, the E-type Club are holding one at Shelsley Walsh, the JDC and JEC have combined for one too which now has been put back to July. I am running a rally to Geneva, Jaguar is running one, and I expect the JDC will too. The problem for everyone will be which to choose - if not already fully booked


Are you in the south of France now? I’ve been looking at a D-type replica that’s been on the market for some time now. I believe it is in Frejus. Do you know it?

Rgds, Glen…

I live at Le Mans, in the north of France, but if you give me the details of the D-type I might be able to advise you


Could you PM me as I have some other questions I’d like to ask you? Thanks, Glen…

It’s the nicest longnose Realm I’ve ever seen by far.

In the Dordogne we were based in Souillac. The hotel there had the most brilliant chef - way above 3* and nearer 5* - and of course he was poached not long after we left. A good rally, and there may be another later this year.


Glen, I’ve been out of circulation for a while. send me a message and I’ll reply

Sorry Tony; I was out bid at the Paris auction, so my questions are irrelevant now😊… Too bad about Le Mans Classic…

It sold for more than I would have bid anyway. It was a Proteus by the way.


So, what do you think about JLR vs replica car companies? Hate to see more replica car companies get shut down in the EU and Britain.

Rgds, Glen…

I don’t think it will in the end hold water. I was talking to an American lawyer who said that since 70 years have passed and numerous replicas made that Jaguar are too late to the party and could never win a case in the USA, Companies in Australia have not had the notification either. We’ll just have to wait and see.

There is a very good article in the May issue of Sports Car Market magazine in the Legal Files section. It explains this issue very well and how it would be presented in an American court case.