RAM D type kit - worth restoring?

Hi, I am new to the forum so please bear with me as I have little knowledge on the subject. I am helping my wife’s family clear out a deceased uncles property. In one garage there was a 44 Jeep which I have restored and is now running and also in an early rebuild state what I believe is a RAM D type with a fibreglass body and tail fin, maybe originally purchased in the 1980’s. There is an engine in it partly rebuild but I suspect it’s been 25 years since being worked on. The nose is also missing. My question to any D type kit experts who may be able to provide help is are aftermarket parts available at all ( the Jeep has plenty of suppliers of OEM and repro parts) and is this worth time and effort as a restoration project?
Appreciate any guidance from the experts.

Hi Stuart…where are you located…Ram now Realm are UK…they no longer make the D type…and concentrate on the C type…as a “kit” build Ram/Realm are low end in price but have a great chassis and they make a good diy build and quite desirable…re aftermarket parts you shouldnt have a problem getting parts as the kit is based on XJ6…nose might be difficult to find but probably not impossible or have one made or an aluminium one…Steve

Hi Steve, thanks for your response. I am located near Derby in the Midlands and will be going over at the garage again next week and will take some photos. It’s actually inherited by my wife and her sibling, I am helpng dispose of the estate and dont know wether to have a go at restoration myself, or see if a buyer is out there as is. Will be in touch.

Your really big problem will be getting it registered assuming it isnt already…which i doubt if it isnt completed…you need to register as a kit converted vehicle…to do this you need a doner car and put the car through an IVA test…so unless this is something you really want to do just sell it as is…Steve

Thanks for your replies Steve. I need to see if there is any paperwork hanging around in the garage. What is a reasonable sale price as is do you think?

Hi Stuart…i have no idea becaus i dont know what you have…Registration is becoming a big issue with replicas in the UK…in my opinion best price will be judged by the market…put it on auction on ebay…or with one of the auction houses…Steve