Random P0077 DTC (Bank 1 VVT actuator?) - 2007 XKR

Hi all,

Had the check engine light flash on a couple of weeks back with the above code (P0077: Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit High Bank 1), the first time I’ve had any trouble with the car in nearly 7 years ownership. The code appeared after a hot restart, car ran fine throughout.

Taking the code at face value, I flushed the bank 1 VVT actuator connector with contact cleaner and reseated it, was OK for about a week, now the code has started coming back with increasing frequency (currently after every few hot restarts). Every time it has appeared has been on a hot restart, never from cold or while driving, car is running great otherwise, I haven’t noticed any problem at all other than the check engine lamp coming on. No other DTCs stored, just this one.

My question is, does this code actually point to the bank 1 VVT actuator or is it a Jaguar specific code which points to something else? The reason I ask is that a Google search bought up a post on another forum regarding lambda sensors?

Should I just chance the relative pain to fit a new actuator or look somewhere else first?

Many thanks, Bruce.

This may help in your understanding of what’s happening.

Hi, thanks for the reply. That confirms what I thought, I’ve ordered a new actutor and gaskets, but was unsure whether it was perhaps a Jaguar specific code which instead pointed to something else. The thread I found through Google (https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=96783, hope it’s OK to link to this) confused me as it references the same P0077 but points to lambda sensors!

Will update when I fit the new actuator.

Thanks, Bruce.

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Hi all,

Just an update for anyone in the future who has a similar fault. Today I replaced the VVT actuator, it was a fiddly job but not the worst, knuckle scraping in places but after 7 years with this car I’m kinda used to that. One of those jobs which takes 10 minutes with the engine on a bench but over an hour with it in the car. In short, remove intake plumbing, unplug and loosen wiring as much as possible, remove coil packs, undo 14 x 10mm bolts holding the cam cover on, slide out cam cover, take care to keep dirt out of cylinder head, replace actuator (one 8mm bolt), replace gaskets, reassemble.

The parts list for the job ideally includes a new cam cover gasket and a new set of spark plug gaskets (these are not included as part of the cam cover kit) in addition to the VVT actuator. Also, I expected the actuator to come with a new seal but it does not, so have had to re-use the old one for now.

Peace seems to be restored so far, will update if the fault comes back!

Thanks, Bruce.

Excellent work Bruce, well done.:ok_hand: