Randomly, the car doesn't respond to throttle, won't change gear, dribbles along at 10 mph ?! Moved from XJ40

Hello fellow-sufferers, actually that’s not my case as I’m an E-Type man but a mate in NZ has sent me this cryptic cross-word puzzle.

The car is a 1995 (?) Double-Six Daimler, I believe this makes it an XJ40 ? It does have twinned round headlamps though, and WikiP mentions them as rectangular ?


These are the clues :slight_smile: and I quote -

…that is not why I’m writing to you, which is because I need a Jaguar (Daimler same thing) ex-spurt’s help. No doubt you have some mates on the Jaguar forum who will know.

My friend’s Daimler has a gearbox problem. It is electrical not mechanical. It will run perfectly until at random it won’t change gear or go. The engine does not stop but the car will only dribble along at 10 mph with the throttle having no effect. It is always OK from cold. Is it all fly by wire with the throttle and gears worked by an ECU? He thinks it has 3 ECUs

The car is mint and only done 50k, he is going to sell it for scrap which is a shame. You should buy it, tell me how to fix it, and I will keep it here for when you arrive.

If anyone could enter into the spirit of the challenge, and kick us in the right direction, our man in NZ will have more respect for the Internet.

If your friend’s car is a 1995 it would be an X300 rather than an XJ40. Try moving your post to the X300 forum and they may be able to help.

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Ask him if the tail light clusters are rectangular or cut off at a 45

Sorry lads, was dealing with a fuck-wit in NZ who doesn’t think providing the identifying info - like the model identity - is relevant.

Do these pictures help ?

Anyone any thoughts, please, now we know it’s an X300 ?

Its an X305 (the V12 variant of the x300). You can see the throttle linkage on top of the engine in the second picture. There is no way I can think of that this could work intermittantly. So the throttles should be open. I would think if the engine does not get fueld properly there would be a lot of stuttering. How absoultely nothing happens is a mystery to me.

Clean and possible reflow the solder joints in the trans switch for starters. I’s mounted on the side of the tranny AFAIK

Does the 12 have a tps like the i6?