Ranking of discussion groups

Would it be possible for members to rank the discussion groups they most often go to and have them display at the top of the list when they log in?

The only way to filter your “Default Home Page” is to mute the categories you’re not interested in.

To change your “Default Home Page” go to https://forums.jag-lovers.com/u/JGL2/preferences/interface

To mute categories go to https://forums.jag-lovers.com/u/JGL2/preferences/categories

I guess I still don’t get it. I have to hunt for forums that interest me, but I-Pace gets pride of place? Really?

If a post about the I-Pace is the most recent, then it will be at the top. At this moment XJ has the most recent, but as soon as I hit “Reply” on this post, the #site-feedback will be at the top of the list.

You can narrow down the number of (for you) uninteresting categories by muting them, but it’s a bit… cumbersome. If only one category interests you, then you can set your browser up to go straight to that category. E-Type would be: https://forums.jag-lovers.com/c/e-type