Rattle behind the dash bosrd Mk9

Thhe car has the T-700 gearbox, and this noise is very annoying. On 3rd or 4th, around 1700 rpm.cannot understand what causes it. Besides wind noise through the window frames on the front doors, esp on a very windy day, this car is very quiet, given the low rpm with the T-700.
I also have a rattle, which must come from the exhaust system. When driving with a concrete wall to my left side (on a Lhd car), it is pretty obvious. But with the car on a 2 pillar lift, nobody under the car can say where it comes from…:scream:
I live this car and use it daily/weekly in April to Sept.
So easy to enter and slip onto the sofa. Almost as high driving position as in modern SUVs and so called Cross Over smaller cars.