Ray Livingston alternator kit wanted 3.8

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Description: Alternator kit by Ray livingston

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Contact information: pjwilletts@hotmail.com

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Anyone have this kit or parts?

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Hi Pete there is no kit as such,Ray advised as to what Alternator to buy,what brackets to use and how to wire it up.Ray was very helpful when I did mine.
Regards Gerry 62 Ots Ontario Canada.

actually there was…I had one harness/custon bracket etc

Maybe @Ray_Livingston can chime in and clear this up?

Did not know Ray did a kit,maybe 15 t0 18 yrs ago he did a write up on JL and Jcna Regards Gerry 62 Ots.

He did, as I did purchase one (not for sale) - attached is the 1st page showing kit and partial instructions.
I have a PDF of the entire instructions - PM me if you want a copy - too big to post here.