Re: 120DHC Survivors List once initiated by Charles Bischops

Hi co-listers
I used to pass on to Charles the information I could gather here in France about the surviving 120DHCs.
My question is, does the person who took over still want me?
Take care

thanks for post not sure where Charles bishop is these days.
It would be best to post any details history or photos past and present say under this thread.
regards terry
heres one of my 2 cars XK120DHC 677551

Charles reads this forum occasionally but does not reply very often.
You can post details of any new cars found to ; and I see there are currently 752 DHCs listed on there. Some may be basket cases or scrapped, but still, that’s a pretty good percentage for survivors out of 1767.

Hi Rob,
Does that mean Jaguar only exported that many to the USA?

Hi Terry
Nice DHC! Nice combo of colours!
Re: Charles, he is safe, at home, and working hard on his own 120DHC.
We had a mail exchange a few days ago.
Thanks for your suggestion to ad to this very thread all new piece of information

Thanks Rob for your reply.
I’ll do both 1/ad to this thread and 2/ to

No, that is the total number of survivors from all over the world that are currently recorded on that website, regardless of where they went originally, and regardless of their current condition. Some records may be of cars that have been parted out and/or scrapped, of which the term “survivor” would be inaccurate. Some other cars are in the hands of people who choose not to participate on that website and do not submit records of their cars.

Charles was a blessing when I began working on my XK120 both on the forum and off. Truly a wealth of knowledge and willing to share. Would send me pages of detailed information via email on anything I ask.

Thank you again Charles,


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Mr. James;
I remember, well, helping when and where I could, as well as sharing relevant info/details about our 120DHC’s that myself and others collected… I also remember some rather “in-depth and lengthy” discussions on the (real) XK-List with other XK-Owners, all with the same mind of “re-discovering” the truth of what, indeed, was original and correct… This august group dispelled a helluva lot of myths, rumors purported to be facts, etc. to try to accurately, “share the facts” about our XK’s…
As other’s noted, I’m “lurking” now and trying to stay busy on reassembling (forty-five years AFTER disassembly) MY XK120DHC, tho the doctors seem to want to keep THAT from happening, (like the new knee in Feb. this year, WITH an incorrect “spacer” that requires ANOTHER knee surgery to correct AND the three/four months of pain, learning to walk again AND the on-going “PT” (aka Physical Torture)… Bottom line, I am NOT going thru that again because of the doctor’s f-up!!
I’m “watching” the list, and I might pop-in now and again… but any and everybody can contact me, direct, and I will reply!!
Charles Ch. #677556 (second owner since May 1967)