Re-dye leather console top/tunnel cover 420G

The tunnel cover on 420G is leather on top, vinyl sides, mine is ok, except the top leather has a somewhat mottled appearance as the grey dye has faded.

As everything else is ok and recovering one is a fairly big job, can anyone recommend a product and or method to restore an even grey color to the leather

As I understand it, you can dye, or “paint”

You might check with .

Mike Eck
New Jersey, USA
'51 XK120 OTS, '62 3.8 MK2 MOD, '72 SIII E-Type 2+2

Another company that does leather color matching and I have had good experiences with their leather cleaning and preservative products is:

I worked with the owner many years ago and her name was JoAnn

No affiliation of course just a happy customer.


Woolies in the UK do a easy to use water based dye. I was very impressed with the result. They do all the Jag common colours - or can match yours. The kit contained cleaner, dye and sealer. I found it remarkably easy to get a nice even colour. It was applied with a cloth and rubbed in.


I’ve had excellent results with stuff from see Seat leather repair kit? for an example of their leather paint. They also sell a touch-up kit which is just a dye - find for correcting areas which are just buffed/faded.

Both work great on leather. Not so sure about vinyl.

EDIT: more pics at, see the album “Seats”.

the leatherique states sand the leather back to color free, then dye, this seems a little drastic?

its a bit confusing as there is water or solvent based dyes, and also surface coatings

My vinyl is good, leather needs mainly some way to even out color, but also a few minor scuff repairs would be good

more research needed, the job is deferred as doing complete headlinining re-do has taken over, big job in a 420G