Re-installing the fuel rail and hoses

(V12 Dave) #1

Getting close to cutting the hoses between the rail and the injectors and a couple of things to check on.
When I got all the pieces together I got excited and after checking the forum just put the injector bits together, installed them and put on the clamps… before I read in the manual that the clamps should go back on the injectors they came off of.
With new upper and lower seals I’m not sure how big of a deal this is, but thought I would check with those that know if I’ve created a real problem for myself. seems to me that the injectors are meant to “float” on the manifold seal and the injector seal under the clamp. With the give in the seals I’m not sure that each clamp would have the type of tolerance that would necessitate going back on the original injector???
Second. Checked the forum and the Book and only reference to putting it all back together says to put the injectors in place, put the hoses on the rail barbs and then put the rail and hoses over the injectors.
Not sure how much force will be involved but a little concerned over forcing the hose over the injector barbs with the manifold seal taking the load.
Thoughts on this??

(Aristides Balanos) #2

That’s what I did, and it required a lot of force indeed, it worked in the end though.
While pushing and shoving trying to fit all the 10 hoses all the way in, I couldn’t help wondering if it wouldn’t be so much easier to install the injectors on the rail first and then just screw the whole assembly at the manifold.


(DavetheLimey) #3

As you have replaced the seals, I wouldn’t worry about the “matching” of mass-produced clamps. As far as installing the rail with hoses attached, on my engine I used a fiber mallet to persuade everything back in place. That was three years ago, and everything is still good.

(V12 Dave) #4

Hi Dave
So you used the mallet on the top of the fuel rail?

(V12 Dave) #5

Thanks Aristedes
I wondered about this as well, I think I have seen a reference to the injectors on the rail method.
I will be doing all this on the bench so should be better than over the fenders.

(DavetheLimey) #6

Exactly. Without climbing on top of the fenders, I found it difficult to get enough leverage from each side of the car.

(SD Faircloth) #7

V12 Dave, I have put together north of 150 rail/injector assemblies. All on the bench. I could not imagine trying to push on hoses on the rail or the injectors in situ. On the bench you can visually see if the hoses are fully “homed”. When you have it all together, turn the rail in its normal upright position on your bench top. Look to see if all the injector tips touch the bench. If some do not touch, then the others need to be reseated. Also, it makes NO matter which clamping plates go where. Thy are exactly the same. What DOES matter, is that the clamping plates are properly oriented, with the bolt stud holes all outboard of the rail, and the notch for the injector connector facing in the right direction.

And FYI, i am currently working on a rail/injectors from a 1990 XJR-15 sent in from a restoration shop in New York state.

SD Faircloth