Re: J-L member Alan Dell

Some of you good folks here in the E-type forum have had interactions with fellow J-Ler and ‘69 OTS owner Alan Dell @ajdell over the 10 years he’s been an active member, so passing this on with his permission. Alan suffered a stroke two weeks ago and is recovering in hospital. I visited him today and he’s in good spirits. It’s not known at this point when he’ll be back home and online but I’m sure he’d welcome any best wishes toward his recovery when he’s finally able to check in.



Be sure to give him our best and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Thanks, and please pass along my wishes for a meaningful recovery.

Always sad to hear of another suffering a stroke. All the best to him for a good recovery.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Alan.

So sorry to read that you’re in the hospital Alan. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Stay strong pal.

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Get well soon Alan.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

You seem to be a point of contact so please with Alan our best wishes for speedy recovery and his return to JL

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Thanks, Len, will do.

Best wishes Alan. May you have a quick and full recovery.

I also wish you a full recovery. As a stroke victim myself, I must stress - don’t skip any of the rehab!

The rehabilitation is vital to regain as much functionality as possible during recovery. Even if it is tedious or tiring, push through. It’s the best chance to get back to normalcy (or as close as possible.)



Alan, I can only echo all of the wishes for a speedy and (I hope) full recovery. Keep your spirits up and your attitude positive as you go through the rehab process.

Best wishes Alan and a speedy recovery.
Cape Town

Not well for Alan, unfortunately.


Does that mean Alan passed away?
Or is still fighting the affects of the stroke?


Alan is in a care home. He’s working on an arrangement that might allow him to return to his house.

So sorry to hear that.
Bets wishes for continued improvement