Re: Superblue's Fan/Torquetrol Unit

Didn’t get any response to this post in another recent thread of mine, so re-posting the pertinent excerpt here as a new thread starter :slightly_frowning_face: :

4- the fan (black style, btw) - tight, with no shake in it in any direction. As to the “Torquetrol” the fan spins about 1/3-1/4 turn or even less before stopping.

Speaking of the fan and Torquetrol, apparently it is that combo which is making the loud continuous wooshing sound after “kicking in” about 15-30 seconds after cold start. All this time I had assumed that that “reassuring” noise I have heard ever since I bought Superblue was the kicking in of the air pump. Obviously that is not the case, since the air pump has no belt on her. So, apparently, on cold start the fan must turn relatively slowly (and quietly) and then a short time later “kick in”, going into high RPM/regular operation. I assume this kicking into higher speed is the result of its interplay with the Torquetrol unit. :thinking: Is this the way the pair are supposed to operate in tandem, or is there something amiss? Question then, and what it all comes down to, why does the weird noise (i.e. sound like belt slipping and/or slow metallic “chirp chirp”) terminate as soon as the fan goes into high speed operation? :confused:

Anyone? :confused: