Re: The Pub - Some Hard Questions (if Dared to be Answered)

Wrong avatar. Try the one at the upper right of your computer monitor.

Here you go:


Why do we have to complicate things.This is a helpful info exchange and those want to contribute,. ,do so.There are other forums some maybe more suitable for the disenchanted few.KISS – keep it simple stupid,stupid being generic and not political.

Is there a limit to tightening the oil pan drain or can you mess it up or use a torque wrench?

Slightly off topic 🫤 just tight enough to not leak, if the sump is aluminium then there is always the chance that one day the threads WILL come out with the plug. BTDT.

Ah k. (Finally) figured out … Thanks! :smile:

But it DOES show my name here … ? :angry: I was under the impression it would only show my “Username”?

I’m wondering just that NOW too … :angry: No wonder everyone’s “real” name is included with their username for all to see, as someone else just noticed earlier on here. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes… and never use a torque wrench, beyond using one to “set your wrist.”

On good threads, and a good crush washer, 10-15 lbs-ft is tops.

Nice to meet you, Paul.

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I mean, maybe you accidentally used your nickname, and nobody will ever know. A name is a name :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, and same here, Erica. Good to see you again … :smile: How is your cat doing of late? I haven’t noticed any new posts in quite awhile.

Oh, you mean Lucas is your middle name?

Just Paul would be sufficient to maintain your anonymity to a reasonable degree ?
Maybe Paul L to distinguish you from all the other Pauls ?

In my opinion, people should read the rules of a forum at some point in their participation

The “Pub” still exists for robust conversations on Politics, and other contentious topics, but you have to register, as was decided by the group and admin, as many people objected to what they considered annoying Pub topics “polluting” their Jaguar forum matters. I dont think everyone knows that

The Lounge was left for non-contentious matters, like silver soldering, repairing old air compressors, hearing aids etc etc

You can still be censored for infractions of the rules, or offensive conduct
Like any club old boy :grinning:

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Ah, I like that idea. I had just noticed that David’s is just “David”. Done, and thanks! :joy:

Ms Money Pitty is in many pieces. The gearbox is waiting for a new reverse spindle then it all can start to be one again.

O.K. (LOL @ “Ms. Money Pitty” - I feel your pain there :slightly_frowning_face: )