[Re: [xj] headlight and bumper question]

the beams carefully. One night, a few years ago, driving slowly home on
a local road, some car lengths behind someone else, I saw a cop car
coming the other way. Since I was driving slowly, I had no flash of

Hmm, how’s that Mastercard commercial go? $xxx for the outer lamps, $yy
for the inner lamps - flashing your hi beams in the cops face: priceless.

Although to me it sounds like an argument against so doing - with my long
hair and rebellious attitude, the last thing I need to do is give the cops
an excuse stop me. :wink:

By the way, having both filaments in a bulb on at once may well melt the
sucker. Our 96 Accord came to us last year with those funky little,

Yeah, I’ve seen mention of this on several sites - lack of time to do
further research is part of why I haven’t pursued anything there.–

  • bill
    '84 XJ6 (Julia)

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