Reading the fuel pressure gauge

(phillip keeter) #1

Just wondering why the system is not pressurized upon turning the ignition to “ON”. It has pressure only when engine, not just the pump, is running. The pump does run the normal 2 seconds when ignition is turned to “ON”. Original fuel system with a 1995 LT1.
Thanks for any ideas.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

I do not have a definitive answer. But, if it is plumbed in after the regulator, there is no residual pressure. Not needed and safer for the injectors and plumbing to them.

And, the Jaguar system includes on/off related to cranking. Not sure as to the GM PCM FP controls.

Might check the GM schematic and see when the pump circuit is “hot”.

It works, that is what counts.