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So I have decided to go with Vredestein 185HR15. XKSUnlimited carry them but they are not in stock so I was going to go with Tire Rack. Are the tubes XKS carry good? I also was going to buy rim bands and valve grommets. Lucas Tire has Vredestein 185/70HR15 and a dizzying array of tubes. Has anyone used Lucas? Are they reliable? I have dealt with Tire Rack and XKS before so I trust them.

I also was having trouble finding 185R15 tires from any vendor - all advertised them but were out of stock. I bought these:

I am very happy with them.

I think they are made by Coker (whomever you buy from) so they will have them if anyone does.

Looks like $205@ - so maybe you can do better.

When I got mine, these guys had the best price:

John, You DO NOT want a 185/70x15 tire as it is about 1.5” smaller in diameter and is noticeable smaller when mounted. You want a straight 185/15 tire which has an aspect ratio of about 83%, huge difference!
Plymouth, Mi.

Certainly a personal preference, I went to the 70 series for exactly those reasons and love them.
I replaced old Michelin redlines and the 70’s are less than an inch smaller in diameter. The Vreds do not look smaller to me, but like I say its a personal choice.
I dont show my car so I dont care about being perfect for the “judges”.

not saying I wont go back to a standard 185 someday, but for now I am having fun on the 70’s

It is interesting that Tire Rack has them for $25 less than Coker. Any suggestions on tubes?


Made in Holland, not sure Coker has a Dutch plant ; -) They are made by Vredestein.

And, you are much more likely to scrape the bottom of the car going over speed bumps, and your speedometer will be off – reading too high. You DO NOT want the 185/70R15 tire, or at least I would not mount them for street use.

Tubes, there are inferior tubes made in China (and elsewhere, I’m sure). Michelin tubes have been the gold standard but they may no longer be available? Top quality tubes are the Rally tubes available from XKs, made by a reputable British company.

Let us know how TireRack does, and the construction dates on the tires when you get them.


Jerry, why cant I use them on the street? yes the speedo is off, by about 4 mph… so either it was reading high before, but with GPS now its pretty close. and I usually dont find myself bombing over speed bumps anyway or taking dips and ramps like a teenager.

my car had true 185’s since new. so for me its a fun experiment, but I dont think its as bad as people claim? my car sits about 3/4 of an inch lower on the 70’s I made a bunch of checks before and after.
If I hit something with my exhaust then clearly I was too busy texting and deserved it!

185HR15 is original tyre size, and is preferred for all round performance than non-original sizes.

I have no experience recently with VREDESTEIN so can’t comment how they compare with my preferred MICHELIN XVS brand/model tyre, buy Vredestein is a premier brand so I would be confident.

The 185/70HR15 is a low-profile tyre – the 70 = 70% aspect ratio (standard tyres are nominally 78% aspect ratio but can be up to 80%) – so these will give you a smaller rolling radius/diameter, so apart from implications (minor) on fuel consumption will make your speedometer and odometer approximately (I need to do the sums to be sure) 10% inaccurate, so a pointless purchase with no up sides, but definite down side.

There are other issues to consider if you go for either wider or low profile tyres, given all 6 cylinder E-types have 5 inch wide rims.

As before – BEST in all respects to stay with original 185R15 tyres, and you make your own decisions whether you are happy with H or prefer V speed-rated tyres (or something else higher than H)

In both cases the ‘H’ is the sustained speed-rating, with ‘H’ good for only 130mph(210km/h), thus are illegal in Australia as an E-type is capable of in excess of 130mph (regardless of many people ever seeing 130 mph let alone more), but I don’t know about USA (which I assume you are from given your spelling of ‘tire’ and not ‘tyres’), albeit I really doubt any classic car would ever get booked for ‘H’ rated tyres, unless the police were looking for an excuse to give you a hard time.

(Actually those who are into originality detail will know that when E-types introduced radial tyres into the UK and European market they were only ‘H’ rated, cars exported to USA and Australia were still supplied for a couple more years on cross-ply tyres, and it was not until DUNLOP made a higher-speed-rating radial that they were then also legal/adopted in USA/Australian markets.)



Naturally you can use whatever tires you want. Me too.



Thanks for the input. The rally tubes are not in stock at this time and much more expensive. Lucas carries Michelin, they have several different types.



Neither US State registration and inspection authorities nor police care a bit about the speed rating of your tires. Land of the free! And accidents from exploding tires are extremely rare, thankfully.

Also, a 3.54:1 US stock S1 E-Type is not capable of in excess of 130 MPH.


There are places to economize on the E-Type, and places not to economize. Considering what happens with a tube failure at speed, I kind of think economy here is a mistake. More money is not important, but best quality is. I think Michelins would qualify as “best quality”.


You can source those Rally tubes direct from the UK, too.



I highly doubt I will ever even get 100, I have faster cars than the Jag and I don’t normally crack 100 with them, so I am not worried about the Jag. I guess I am getting old.

These figures are from Coker Tire and are dated 2-21-1992 concerning tire size research I was doing at that time.
185R15 Michelin X 26.91”
185/70 VR 15 Michelin XWXT 25.35
205/70 VR 15 Michelin XWXT 26.27

Interesting at a 205x70x15 is still smaller in diameter then a 185x15.
As you say to each his own but, to my eye, a 185x70x15 tires does not fill wheel well on a S1 or S2 E.
Plymouth, Mi.

I’m a believer in the Vredesteins, but feel that the gold standard for tubes and probably rim strips would be Michelin.

Bob Frisby
Boise Idaho
S2 FHC (soon to be on the road after WAY too long!)

Yup. I got mine here:


Bob, I agree, but these Rally tubes are a project of some very good British guys who were unsatisfied with available tubes and tires. Drew has some and they are said to be great. Check out that link.

Sounds like Roger Kraus Racing also carries them…


70s fine for the street, and as you say, who has an accurate speedo anyway, I have a 2.88 diff, 60 section Toyo tyres and the speedo made for a 3.07 reads 3 mph fast at an indicated GPS reading of 100 mph, if your rear springs and shocks are in good nick you will have no trouble, my standard set up up at 50000 miles used to ground with original equipment, the standard flattened section of exhaust pipe on an original series two where they run up against the cradle reminds you the factory always knew there would be a grounding problem, so you avoid the bumps…

checkout longstone tyres. they have vredesteins for approx $150 and will ship free to usa.