Realm C type Bad Radiator Leak

So the radiator is laking pretty bad. Does Realm offer an update or just send it out to be fixed. also should i add a larger fan?

Is it possible to get the radiator off without takin off the nose?

thx alot

Are you attempting to do the work yourself or take it to shop…Realm typically supplied standard or Aluminium radiators…but as a self build car you could fit anything…radiator can be removed on mine without removeing the hood…Steve

Gonna take out myself and drop off at shop for repair. Also, the gasoline overflow is leaking gas everywhere after I filled it up 1st time.


Depends what tank you have…typically a Realm has no baffles so fuel can slop around…there is no overflow on mine but there is a vent that should have a vent pig tail or non return valve vent fitted…again depends what you have and how its been built…is it leaking from the top fill pipe…did you fill right to the top of the filler cap?.. if so then it will go out the vent

SO I pick up the radiaor from the shop, bolt in in and fill with coolant dammmmm leaking like crazy! I call the shop and the guy say maybe the core is bad… I SAD CREDIT MY CARD NOW!!! Options for a new radiator are what? Where can I buy something that will fit? thx

shite radiator shop mate, never heard of them not pressure testing a repair, you can do it at home !

What is the nature of the rad construction and failure, is it the same size as any other Jag or other vehicle ?

If its a made in China tig welded Al unit, they are prone to fail

You probably need to consult with a better radiator specialist

A new near neighbor of mine is a retired old school radiator repair specialist and auto upholsterer, a font of useful information

In the past, I have found the “most common” radiator that will fit in an older vehicle, usually there will be one, if you have recorded the physical dimensions of your unit

For instance, most larger 4.2 or V12 Jags can be fitted with a GM VT-VZ Commodore V8 manual radiator, cost $120

Hi Blair…it isnt difficult…have you searched on line for C type radiator…quite a few options…or get one from Adrian at Realm…or take yours to a decent shop and have it repaired or a copy made…it is a hand made car so buying unseen may not be an exact match to yours…different in/out pipe angle dimensions so you also need to think on hoses… 2min interweb search Buy Radtec Alloy Radiator To Fit Jaguar C Type Heritage Chassis - RCTJ1 | Demon Tweeks

Finally got the radiator re-cored and placed a new BIGGER fan and the car is now running. This is serious progress.

thank you sir!!!

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