Realm C-type on BAT

It’s one of those subjective things: I’ve always thought the front 2/3rd of a C Type is gorgeous, and the rear 1/3rd looks grafted on, and…meh.

There are certain cars that look seem to look different in person from pictures, and I’ve thought the C type is one of those. Up close, it seems very harmonious.

And this looks like a fun example. Always love the Ecurrie Ecosse blue too.

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Note that the rear end of a Realm is quite a bit different to a genuine C…the Realm has flat rear hatch area where as the genuine is curved under…However there are 2 recent Realms that have a modified rear end from the factory that are more rounded…Steve

Ahhh… the Kardashian treatment.


And here I was, about to peacefully drift off to sleep…


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If anyone is bummed they missed out on that one, another has been teed up for you:

Reminds me of the 5mph impact bumpers imposed upon car manufacturers in the '70’s. The question used to be " does my bum look big in this?" Now it’s " does my bum look big enough in this?"
Each to his own, and of course fashions change over time, but I know what I like, and that ain’t it. One R Welch or U Andress of days gone by more to my taste.

Indeed. U Andress on the beach with the bikini, belt and knife in Dr No. A bit too much all at once for a less than 10 year old at the time. Didn’t help with mum referring to her a U Undress, as I recall…

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I purchased that car on BAt and now here to learn a bit and learn a bit!

Just arrived today so I have about 10 min a the wheel. Are there any good sources of other builders of the Realm or Proteus etc here? Looking forward to this car!.. thx


Congratulations on the car Blair, you can add a flag and your general location to your avatar if you wish.

Hi Blair…Im building a Realm…and know quite a few others doing the same…Steve

Thx! Not sure where to add but I am in Los Angeles Ca.

Hi Blair…which one on BAT did you buy…there are 2 in posts above…the one with 77 numbers? or the o Blue one in the 1st post …Steve

2nd one that did not meet reserve. One with the stripes which i removed.

thx spoke with Realm in England this morning Adrian is the nicest guy on the planet!


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