Rear ABS rotor orientation

I am working on 1989 XJ40, VIN 580… Not 100% sure, but this might apply to all XJ40s up to 1994 (someone please confirm).

Would anyone know the correct orientation of the rear-wheel ABS rotor? The rotor is component 11 in the schematic:

and I wonder if the upper side of the rotor (in the photo below) goes towards the wheel, or towards the dif.


It seems to me that the upper side in the photo goes into the inner seal, but the schematic seems to have it towards diff…

Wouldn’t be the first time a drawing has been incorrect :slight_smile: my inclination would be that the boss goes toward the wheel carrier, is it a polished surface that the seal runs on?

What I’m in doubt, I go to Pick-n-pull, and take apart a car that looks like it’s been taken care of. So I just did one, and it is obvious that the side that has narrower outer radius protrusion is going into the inner seal, kinda opposite from what the drawing is suggesting. Not to defend documentation crew at Jag, but many parts are drawn generically, for example, they show axial bearings…

I’ve got my hub out at the moment. Here is how the wheel looks before I remove it.

Yes, that’s what I saw, too. Protruding part is lodged inside seal, on the other side of what we are looking at. Tnx!

The “gear” teeth should be centered in/on the hole for the ABS sensor… maybr check with w mirror if you cant see in the hole square on.

Yes, that’s what I found too. Nice pic!

And, as 2tonejag remarks, the gear teeth are centered, looking through the ABS sensor hole.