Rear Anti-Roll Bar / Sway Bar Part #? (1962 MK10)

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since posting, I have been preoccupied fabricating new floor pans and replacing structural corrosion. I will post pics and details once it is under control.

Anyway, while under the car the other day, I noticed the mount points and tell tale signs that there was a rear anti-roll bar installed on the car previously.

The car does not currently have one installed. I would like to look for one, but can not find the part number to even start looking.

I have the factory parts manual and service manual, but cannot find the anti-roll bar in there.

Maybe I am just blind and missing it on a diagram or something, but your guidance would be appreciated.

If you know the part numbers for the bar, end links, and other bits to mount I would appreciate it if you could forward those to me. If any of you have the parts laying around, I would enjoy discussing taking those off your hands if you are interested.

Thank You in Advance,
Double A

Mine does not have one and I am not aware of a Mark X ever coming with one.

Post a picture if you can.


Just thinking out loud here, Aaron…I believe the XJ6 Series 1 IRS fits the 420G and thus probably the MarkX. The XJ series lacked a rear bar but the XJS, with the same IRS, had one. I fit the XJS bar to a 71 XJ6 by swapping in the XJS radius arms (identical except with a welded bracket for the bar) and mounting the bushings for the bar on the sheet metal behind the rear seat (as done on the XJS). I had an XJS bar on the front, too BTW. Perhaps the PO had similarly fitted an XJS rear sway bar to your MarkX (or perhaps an aftermarket one)?

Robert, thank you for the info. So if I understand you correctly, you upgraded to a 1975ish XJS front and rear anti-roll bar for your XJ6. And the XJ6 uses the same suspension as the 420G? I would be curious as to what brand parts you used. I did a quick search and the OE bits don’t look available. I did see that Addco has a Fr & Rr set for a 1975 XJS.

Micah, I am posting a picture of the mount points on the car. The radius arms have the roll bar end link brackets on them, and the car has the mounting holes with weld nuts on the “frame” section behind the rear seat.

This photo is taken from behind the rear of the passenger side IRS control arm, looking forward between the control arm and half shaft.

Thank You Both,
Double A

I crawled under mine and do not have those mounting points.

I looked in the parts book and saw no reference to a sway bar for the rear suspension. Considering the Mark X as more luxury than sport, I can see how they would not have included one but may have considered it in the early stages of production. What is your serial number?

I see you also have the “fat” half shafts. They changed them not long after my car was made to a skinny solid shaft. I suspect this was done around the time Jaguar went to radial tyres. I have issues with mine hitting the springs with modern tyres. I plan to swap mine out.


Correct. They were both original used XJS parts. The front bar is 7/8"; the factory S1 xj6 front bar that I replaced is 11/16" (the S3 bar was 3/4"). The rear bar is fairly light (lighter than the aftermarket ADDCO bar). I don’t know for sure if the XJ IRS fits the Mark X; see the archives. I don’t know if the Mark X ever had an optional rear bar. The XJ saloons that superceded it and the 420G did not have one AFAIK.