Rear Axle/Diff rebuild recomendations - South UK

So my1966 Jaguar Mk2 3.4 overdrive has a ‘clunk’ coming from the rear axle/differential when taking up drive. In an attempt to isolate the problem, all rear suspension components/rubber/propshaft bearings/gearbox mount etc have been replaced/renewed - all I am left with is the rear axle/diff. The clunk actually sounds like the diff. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the South UK (Hampshire/Wiltshire/Surrey) who could take on the work? Many thanks.

Is there a lot of backlash at the diff pinion flange, David? Has the problem developed quickly or over a long period? Paul.

If you drain oil and remove the cover, and preferably unbolt the driveshaft, you will be able to diagnose the issue yourself.

Having said that, once identified, a clunking diff will almost always need a rebuild

I used Hardy Engineering in Leatherhead to rebuild the diff on my 1971 Daimler Sovereign; they replaced the bearings and seals and re-set the clearances. It still clunks on drive so I am assuming that either the problem lies elsewhere, or the specification backlash inevitably causes some degree of clunk, or they didn’t do the work thoroughly. I have no reason to suspect the latter but it must be a logical possibility.

When I can get round to it I intend to measure the angular free travel of the input flange for comparison and do some research to see if I can find out what it should be, or what other owners have measured.

I will be interested to hear the outcome of your experience.


So, after my shout out for recommendations, I’ve been pointed in the direction of Simply Performance in Surrey and having had a number of e-mail conversations with them, I have been thoroughly impressed with what they are offering and more importantly a break down of costs, which on the face of it are really reasonable. They have extensive experience with all Jag axles, with the chap I spoke to able to explain to me the most likely cause of the clunk, and what would be necessary to resolve the matter.

The end state being that I end up with a fully reconditioned back end, with all bearings and seals being replaced, and ready to fit back on the car. I suspect that this is the route I will go down and hopefully the rear axle will outlive my ownership of the car.