Rear Axle internals

So I suffered a catastrophic bearing failure recently which has ruined the casing. It isn’t salvageable, without major work and re machining which will be costly and time consuming. The axle was an 4HA. So I have obtained a good case but it is a 3HA. (Realised this as the diff cover is a different shape) All the existing internals are good other than the 1 bearing. So the question is will all the 4HA internals fit into a 3HA case?

It would help to update your registration information with the car(s) you own and where you are located. There might be someone near by that could offer assistance.

Based in Kent I do know Pete Thurston is close by. The axle isn’t in a Jaguar but a Model B Ford! Thought there may be someone on here that has had this issue and would make life that bit easier

No. They do not interchange.

Okay thanks - that’s a bit of bugger then!

I assume this was an outboard axle bearing that failed? Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine a bearing failure in gear carrier or pinion that would leave anything useful.

You know that the Dana-Spicer model 44 is the same basic unit? Ford used them in trucks, Lincolns and a few Mercury’s throughout the 1950’s. Do you know for certain you actually have a Jaguar 4HA?

Yep it was the outboard. problem is that it both chewed the housing and then span so new bearing won’t fit.
Axle has no stamp on it but was advised that the internals were Daimler 250 as it was the best ratio for what I needed. I have presumed it’s a 4HA as the diff cover is the same as I’ve identified on the net as 4HA - unless the 3HA has the same diff cover which I’ve been unable to find. the bolt pattern looks fractionally wider on the 3HA but that could be because there is no cover. My problem is that I don’t want to butcher a good 3HA only to find that my internals don’t fit! I had heard that there was an alternative unit

That is a 4HA cover. Dana 44 is the same.

Alternatively, you can find a junk 4HA with the same axle bearing, and they MIGHT all be the same, cut the flange end off and graft it onto the old axle.

Yeah that could work as people are asking silly money now for these axles in the uk!

I can tell you that in the USA the Ford 8.8, which is a Dana 44 derivative, has become very popular for hotrod swaps. The 8.8 was used in millions of Ford live axle cars, trucks and vans, so they are cheap and plentiful.

Yeah not so much here I’m afraid. I originally had a chevy 12 bolt but the ratio was ridiculous for the motor as I only run a 4 pot 2 litre as it’s as much a daily driver as possible and upping to a large V8 would have got me into issues with our licencing people so simply changed up the motor to a new(ish) ford lump. It’s quick and fairly economical and the ratio on the Daimler axle isn’t too far off