Rear axle seal available for ENV?

This is like a large conical o-ring, shown in the catalog as “Sealing (rubber) in distance piece” and is unavailable.

Is this reusable, or does anyone know of a source?

Is it inside item 39?


Randy Brand

Maybe we can figure out something by dimensions. Can you measure the ID of the distance piece and OD of the shaft and length of the seal?
Photo from another angle?

Here are a couple other photos. I am unsure whether these do much sealing, so the few nicks may be inconsequential and I am good to go with re-use?

So in that position it would be a grease seal, not an oil seal. Is that correct?

I think so, as there are two other oil seals inboard…

So the axle shaft, the grease seal and the distance piece all rotate at the same speed, right? No relative motion, a static seal.
I wasn’t able to find an o-ring seal in that shape, though there are round, square and X shaped cross sections on the market. I wonder if it was originally round, and turned triangular from sitting in there for 70 years?

The axle grease seal dose not turn with the axle it gets pressed in the housing

The small response on this question suggests to me that nobody knows much about the ENVs, yet there are enough of us on here who have them, and will face this some day, that we really ought to investigate this further.
The pictures in the Service Manual don’t give us much of a view of this “distance piece”.

Can you post some more pictures of the internal parts?