Rear axle weight - Daimler v8?

(steve ) #1

I have to take my axle to UK for refurb but they do not want the half shafts in place so the problem of hub removal is down to me. If I get these removed does anyone know the weight of the axle tubes and differential alone minus shafts and hubs? I want to get it on my roof rack!

I am hoping my local mechanic can pull the hubs for me and I will be refitting with new splined hubs anyway. The hubs were pulled some years ago and the car has not been used since so I hope they will come off “easily”.
I don’t want to take a trailer to UK if I can avoid it. Roof rack weight limit is around 100kg for Mondeo estate which sounds enough??

(The Jag Man) #2

Could you put them inside wrapped in a blanket?


(Pete55Tbird) #3

Steve, Apples and Oranges but years ago I dismantled a Dana 44 rear axle from a 1959 Ford F150
pickup truck to pull the Track Lock differential unit ( pinion gears and all). then I disposed of the empty
axle housing the tubes etc. My memory is not totally reliable. I would guess the BARE axle weighed
between 75 and 100 Lbs. No hubs, no axle shaft no brakes and NO CENTER SECTION. The center
section weight I GUESS wag ( wild ass guess ) at 60 LBS.
Can you separate the units?
If the car you use is an estate can the axle fit or must it go on top?
I am sure you will get much better info than this so its just a start. Pete

(wardell) #4

I have a completely stripped axle. I’ll weigh it for you this afternoon.

(wardell) #5

I have just weighed a completely stripped axle case on my bathroom scales and it is 70 lbs. To remove the half shafts, burn off the 4 bolts which hold the bearing housing to the tube flanges and bash the brake discs outwards, it will ruin the discs but the half shaft and bearing assembly will come out in one unit. With both shafts removed the diff unit can easily be prised out with 2 crowbars. Don’t worry about all that stuff you see in the manuals about spreaders etc. Sometimes the diff unit just falls out!
I posted pictures about this when I stripped my mk 9 axle in November 2017.
I live in York UK if you need any info.

(steve ) #6

Many thanks guys ! I just borrowed a “slide hammer” from my local bod and will see if the shafts come out with that. I reckon the case and tubes will fit in the Mondeo estate OK. Trouble is I dont want to leave the car on the ground with no axle and if I put it on the trailer I cant easily remove the axle! I’ll work it out somehow.

(Ian) #7

“car on the ground” will be on blocks right ?

(steve ) #8

Yep just high enough for a trolley jack to clear. Never ever have a gravel drive… I will drag it out over some ply sheeting.
I can put the axle from my donor Jag on it for now so it can be moved around.

(Pete55Tbird) #9

Hello, Do you have a plan for transporting your refurbished axle back home. When all the various
components are re attached the weight and the size will be significantly more than when they
were delivered. Just curious. Pete

(steve ) #10

The workshop does not want the half shafts installed so they don’t have to remove them on the floor. So the axle will be stripped of the hubs and half shafts before I take it.
I have it off the car and into a trailer so I can take down to the garage where he will get the shafts out. I have nothing to remove the bearing carrier bolts so these will be cut off as suggested above. The bearings were all renewed but I am changing the hubs for spines so i guess they will need renewing again. I can take the shafts and hubs elsewhere to be pressed out - I hope!
I managed to get the axle into a trailer on my own but it is heavy. I t will go into the estate boot when stripped.

(wardell) #11

My MK9 hubs pressed of easily using a big hydraulic press. It was rated 50 tons. One hub needed 12 tons the other 20!
I had wasted 2 days making a puller, plus another day trying to get it to work, plus half a tank of oxygen/acetlyne heating it up. It took 20 minutes to do both using the garage press. Yours might be easier as the hubs are smaller than mine.

(steve ) #12

I read all the horror stories. Going straight to a workshop with a press but they are thin on the ground in West Cork!!

(steve ) #13

Axle hubs came off with a couple of wacks from giant slide hammer. Half shafts came out easily too. Bearings were still new and shiny (not been on the road since replacement 20 years ago). I am replacing hubs and bearings/seals anyway. Discs are new just need surface rust removed. So bare axle is in the boot going to UK next week for differential spruce up.
Having told the garage guy the horror stories it was embarrassingly easy.