Rear brake back plates

I’m sure I know the answer to this, but I’ll ask it anyway: should both rear brake backplates have the large U-shaped bracket welded on for the handbrake cable? Mine is all dismantled and sorting through the parts, only one rear backplate has this bracket. The other has some small marks which could be where one was welded on, but if so it’s broken off very easily.
Yes, of course it should have the bracket. Shouldn’t it?

You have the rare optional single wheel handbrake, which is used for whipping around those hairpin turns. :wink:

Ok seriously, yes you should have it on both sides.

I was remembering a guy I knew 50 years ago with a VW Beetle and he had rigged up separate handbrakes for each side so he could do really spectacular doughnuts.

Thanks Rob. I’ve already bought a fly-off lever and ratchet just for fun.

We have trials driving competitions over here, severe but low speed off-road driving. Most of the specialist cars for that have ‘fiddle brakes’, which is what you describe. Sometimes just one locked wheel is enough…