Rear brake drag gone

Just wanted to post in case it helps someone…1988 XJS with inboard brakes.

I’ve been getting slight rear brake drag, and it got worse the more I drove (as brake fluid heated up) with slight brake smell/smoke after garaging it.

So I replaced original MC (very easy to do!), replaced rear brake hose (I recommend open end stubby wrenches!), and replaced rear brake pads. I opened the bleeder screws as i pushed caliper pistons all the way back, a lot of nasty yellow brake fluid came out.

Bled everything with Dot4. No more brake smell/drag, AND brakes work so much nicer!

One word of advice :slight_smile: I usually take my cars up to 50mph and then slam on the brakes, to help seat new pads. I forgot, my XJS doesn’t have ABS. Oops!

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