Rear brake pad fixture unusual?

When disassembling the IRS of my '72 e type I noticed that the fixture for the brake pads looks a lot different to what I see in pictures on the internet. In addition to the pins and clips visible in all the Google pictures, mine have a spring loaded bracket that is attached to the pins and presses on the pads.
Any idea why my pad fixture is different? Did all others throw away the additional parts with the first brake service?

Thanks, Manfred

Those are not E-Type calipers. Probably from a sedan.

Ray L.

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I have NO IDEA what that arrangement is from.

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Those are proper calipers for the Series 3 E-Type. The attachments are anti squeelers. They keep the brake pads from vibrating which is what brake pad squeel is. Don’t see these that often. Best thing to do is use good brake pads.

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Thanks gentlemen,

now I have three different answers from three posters. I tend to believe Dick, although I don’t want to snub (term?) Ray and Paul.
What I find remarkable is that I can’t find any picture on Google that would show this setup. Further, no one of the suppliers seems to sell that. And finally, neither the parts nor the service manual shows or talks about them. Maybe they are super rare and worth their weight in gold?

Anyway, I will clean them up, have them zinc plated and re-install them.

Thanks, Manfred

If anyone is interested in buying these, Here are a couple of EBAY listings:
220729622663 and 201405451486 Also, a listing from a dealer: No affiliation on any of them.

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No snub taken: Dick’s word is gold!


thanks for the references! It is great because it clearly shows the finish of the part from the factory so I can replicate it. Case closed :slightly_smiling_face:.

  • Manfred

Guess we both should stick to pre-71 E Types…:grimacing:

Not to worry Paul, that style caliper came into being in the 1969 model year and ran through the end of the XJ6 run. They were used in the XKE/2, E-Type/3, XJ6/1-2-3 and the XJS cars with inboard brakes. Only change was a improved seal design around 1980.

Chances are, it’s just been soooo many years since I wrenched on one, my bumblebrain just forgot that detail.

Along with my address…:expressionless: