Rear brake pads renewal procedure

I searched the forum (for as much as I can) but did not find the info needed. I am in the process of changing brakepads in the rear of my 1.5 FHC but there is no way to access the calipers, let alone change the pads. The IRS bracket gives me no room to move. Of course this only happens to me and others have done this procedure including bleeding hands down… I am stuck. What is the correct procedure. Even Bentley could not help me here.

Hi…is there no access panel in the bodywork above the IRS…If you have no access then probably the only option is drop the IRS

You should be able to access them from under the car at the front of the IRS.

On a 1.5 you should have the small square pads. These are held on place by a couple of pressed steel brackets which are secured with 1/4" bolts and nuts. Once these are removed you should be able to pull the pad towards the front of the car and out.

Some pics of an IRS showing the parts here

Changing the handbrake pads however is a great deal harder… if I had to do it I think I’d probably drop the IRS.