Rear brake upgrade

Hello chaps,

I have a 1995 Jaguar XJS that I am in the midst of swapping in a 4.0 XJR6 engine into and 5 speed swapping.

I bought a donor 1995 XJR to get the engine from that came with a set of XJR rear brembo brakes from an 01-04 XJR.

I was wondering if anybody has installed the 4 pot brembo brakes on the back of a 95-96 XJS.

The 95-96 XJS comes with vented rotors already. Was just wondering if anyone knew if they just bolted on.


If you do so you you should also upgrade the front cause you will break your brake balance.


and the front brakes are doing most of the work leaving often less than 40% to the rear brakes
as suggested by Aristides, be sure to keep the balance and upgrade the front accordingly
(ABS would prevent locking the rear wheels bu this would lmit the front brakes efficency)

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