Rear bumper fastening and components

I have been looking at the rear bumper attachments and how it all goes together, I see that the bumper Irons which I have two of, line up with the reflector stud holes, and the bumper also lines up with these holes, see phots of what I have for the reflector studs, my question is; is this how the rear bumper is mounted ? or is there some other longer bolt arrangement ? I cannot see how I would tighten these chromed threaded reflector studs up enough given that on has a round end and the other a internal hex
Am I missing something here, there doesn’t seem to be a picture in the parts manual either

Hi Mike,

The chromed things that you have are correct for holding the bumper in place. The little ted reflectors screw in to the middles.


This is the only picture I could find.

A lot of Mark IVs seem to have little bumper guards over them in that place.

Sorry, I was wrong to suggest that reflectors screw into the chromed things. They just push in. Overriders were only provided for certain foreign markets that demanded them.


That screw isn’t bottoming enough. You might need to check that the thread in the bracket is deep enough and clean enough to fully screw in. I had to run a bottom tap through mine to get enough depth.

From memory, those little reflectors were called ‘split reflectors’ or similar, and were push in. I assume they had two spring steel fingers on the back, looking like a bifurcated rivet or split pin. I believe they were optional extras at the time because reflectors were not compulsory.

I assume they are not available from any of the usual sources but I pondered the possibility of making some. There used to be small round reflectors, about 19mm, for cycles. Good for representing originality, but you would need to augment them with additional larger ones.

Thanks for that info
The two dumb irons and the bumper itself looks like there will be two much material for the length of the threads, I will clean everything up and run a tap through the threads and see how it all fits up
Thanks all

Don’t forget, there is a stiffening bar behind the bumper that adds another 1/4" to the thickness for the bolt.

Is that one stiffing bar ? Ihave two
Maybe ones a spare

They look like this and are available from Ivan Stevens through the Jaguar Driver club of Victoria (Australia).

Only one. Make sure its shape matches the slight curve of the bumper and that the central hole lines up to take the medallion. They suffered from bending of the outer extensions because the bumper is more of a spring grade of steel than the stiffener.

Thanks Tim, I’ll have to contact them and see if I can get a few.

Has anybody managed to procure the rear bumper studs and reflector’s from Ivan Stevens via the Jaguar drivers club Australia ? I have tried to contact him via his email to no avail
does somebody else have a source for theses items ?


Last I heard he was ill.

Ivan Stephens is actually a member of Australia’s first, and largest Jaguar Club, all being State based, with no National Club existing - the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (JCCV), headquartered in Melbourne, the capital of the State of Victoria - google it, they have a web site. He is not a member of the the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia (JDCA), headquartered in Sydney, the capital of the State of NSW - they also have their own web site. If you want to get in touch with Ivan, send me a private email to and I will forward it to Ivan…

All sorted…
Ivan can supply these direct to Mike…