Rear bumper rubber. Fitting spear to end of rubber seal?

The rubber seal around the rear bumper is too big to fit the chrome finishing spears fitted to the ends of the seal. Is there a method to fitting? Is the rubber seal cut in any way to fit into the spear?
War Eagle

I had same problem. Just trimmed a bit off the end to narrow it.

Have you a picture to show.
I assume you cut the top in order to keep the spear close to the bumper?
Thanks for the reply
War Eagle

This is how I fit the chrome tips to the end of the bumper rubber. I cut the lower lip of the seal to enable the chrome tip to slide over the main section the seal (which fit perfectly) and the lower lip keeps the chrome tip from contacting the bumper.

I tried the top on mine.

I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Brian_T, Thanks for the picture, it helps a lot and looks good. David Moor said he trimmed off the bottom and will send a picture tomorrow.
Brian, the picture with all the chrome will do damage to the eyes, it reminds me of being in the Fun House with all the mirrors and not being able to get depth perception. I had to download it and then zoom in.
Thanks again.

Here are some pics of mine. I trimmed the top into a slight taper.

Both look good. And both are simple to do.
Thanks, the pictures are worth a 1000 words.
War Eagle