Rear cage mounts

Anyone have any experience with the URO brand of rear cage mounts and willing to share your opinion of them. Feel free to PM me if reluctant to post publicly

I’ve used URO branded rear cage mounts on my Series II and III XJ6’s and they work just fine. everything lines up as it should. I’ve also use their radius arm bushings as well. I’ve tried Poly bushings, and that I couldn’t get them out fast enough. Stiffened up the ride to the point it I felt like I was driving an Ox cart with wood wheels, or a German car. :slight_smile:

From a ride point of view, I can’t tell the difference. From a fondling point of view, the rubber on the OE mount appears to be a bit more stiff - I can’t dig my fingernail into it like I can the URO equivalent. I’m guessing the main difference between the two brands is the OE will probably last longer than URO branded equivalent. That’s just a guess, cause after 3 years neither have worn out yet.

Hope that helps

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I think the rubber mounts would be just dandy if they had been designed with a safety latch that held them together if the rubber tears. They did that at the front, but at the rear if the rubber tears the subframe falls out the bottom of the car.