Rear camera add on possible?

(William S Henderson) #1

I would like to upgrade my F Type 2014 to include a rear camera hopefully employing the installed navigation screen.
I have not received positive support for this project from my nearest dealership.
Solutions found on the internet tend to use Bluetooth and an iPhone which I have but I would prefer to use the same process as if I had purchased this option when I bought the car.
Any advice, cautions, etc would be much appreciated

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

Try Googling: Jaguar F Type Range Rover Sport Vogue Evoque Reverse Camera supplied and fitted, here in the UK it brings up quite a few companies who do that, cost appears to be about £450. If you can access an Electrical Guide for the F Type you may be able to see if it is “wired for” the camera, not sure if the monitor has built in mirror image capabilities or whether the software can be added. It’s possible some of the UK suppliers might do kits for a self install might be worth an email or two.