Rear camera add on possible?

I would like to upgrade my F Type 2014 to include a rear camera hopefully employing the installed navigation screen.
I have not received positive support for this project from my nearest dealership.
Solutions found on the internet tend to use Bluetooth and an iPhone which I have but I would prefer to use the same process as if I had purchased this option when I bought the car.
Any advice, cautions, etc would be much appreciated

Try Googling: Jaguar F Type Range Rover Sport Vogue Evoque Reverse Camera supplied and fitted, here in the UK it brings up quite a few companies who do that, cost appears to be about £450. If you can access an Electrical Guide for the F Type you may be able to see if it is “wired for” the camera, not sure if the monitor has built in mirror image capabilities or whether the software can be added. It’s possible some of the UK suppliers might do kits for a self install might be worth an email or two.

This was a great question! Did you (or anyone else out there) find a solution?

We purchased a 2018 Grand Cherokee two years ago which has an installed back-up camera. Before the pandemic I was traveling a lot and most rental cars, even the econo-boxes have back up cameras… it really is a game changer. I have a convertible and with the top up, it is challenging to see what is behind you. I think that the installation of a back up camera, if it could be done cleanly as described by Scougal would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Hi Frank here, my 16 S coupe storm grey brogue performance seats. I wanted a back up camera also. I chose a Type S solar powered wireless setup. I didn’t want to splice into existing wires. It’s a license plate frame with camera and solar panel that recharge in 2 hours of sunlight. The initial charge is by electrical outlet 4 hours, lasts for months without sunlight. Monitor plugs into cigarette lighter and is pretty good. I don’t use it often, living in the Hudson valley, NY, but when necessary it suits my requirements perfectly. Great vids on this product. Good luck and I agree it can be critical is some circumstances.
Frank Hudson Valley NY

Frank, thanks for the reply and pics. A question on operation, it looks like there is a stand alone screen with the back up video, do you position that “when required” or does it replicate the infotainment screen during regular operations? I see that there are predictive lines, does it tie into the steering to give you a predictive path or are they static markers? Are there any audible signals included with the Type S?

Frank here, as to your questions: I use the monitor as needed, I don’t expect to parallel park, I look for easy parking. The lines do not change as you turn the steering wheel. No back up sounds. I test Using my back up lines to an object and then know at what distance I need to stop before contact. My type s is a relatively economical setup. I really don’t use it much but when necessary I do use it. I believe there are more expensive systems with back up sounds. I hope this helps.

I find the F-type a difficult car to reverse park and researched the possibilities. I even asked Jaguar if retrofitting was an option ? No !
There’s a company that sells a $600 kit that will allow you to have both a rear and front facing camera for tight parking situations. I found that a bit pricey so when a friend of mine said he had a $10 camera installed in his Volvo S60. It was plug and play and no other expense.
I decided to try that as an option, but that doesn’t work in a modern Jag I’m afraid. Tested the camera to be sure it wasn’t a faulty cam.
I now have a camera lying around, but might try the here mentioned wireless solution.
Thanks for sharing, cheers … Ole

Many RVs now are equipped with wireless reverse cams: they work quite well.

They Bluetooth to your mobile phone!

The thought has crossed my mind

I was at Costco today and picked up the Type S backup camera for $150.To put in the F. Screen is wider than the one shown here and shorter. I used heavy duty 3M hook and loop to attach just above center display screen. Display is larger and clearer than my other cars built-in units. Will pick up another for the Alfa even though it does have the beeb beeb warning, I can’t see very well. If these things save me one ding they are well worth it.

If possible could you post some photos of your application for this camera and monitor. It would be very helpful for all to see what you did and how it looks in operation.
Frank my16 s storm grey coupe

I will revive an old thread.

From this video, it appears there is the possibility to get the factory system to utilize a camera. It will definitely need some investigation.
F-Type camera retrofit

My 2013 Subaru Legacy did not come with a backup camera but the entertainment system supports it and the wiring to the trunk lid is there to plug in a factory camera.
Maybe Jaguar did the same.