Rear cork seal too long?

I’m installing the rear oil pan/sump cork seal and it seems quite a bit longer than it needs to be (1/2" +). I haven’t seen or read anything about trimming it, but that seems like the logical course of action. Correct?

If so, I assume I will want to compress the seal some, then trim it while compressed


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Thanks, Andrew. Here’s another dumb question… does sealant go on BOTH sides of the cork seal, or just on the sump/pan side?
Follow-up question, the lower end gasket kit came with a cork strip seal, but both SNG and Moss list a circular rubber seal for use with an alloy sump and list the cork strip seal for steel pans. I don’t even see how a circular seal would work there. Mine is alloy.

Like this one

this one is for steel pans?

The circular gasket isn’t circular; it’s a strip.

I put Loctite 515 on both sides of the seal (usually use rubber ones) and a dob of silicone on each end where it meets the block.