Rear crank oil seal dilema

Hi all.
Visited Ken Jenkins the other day to pick up some parts. While there i enquired about the crank seal sizing tool for hire that they do. Ken asked why dont i just fit one of their modified 2 piece seal kits. I explained that i’d heard bad experiences with modified cranks still leaking and that i didnt like the ‘no going back route of having the crank machined’. He asked me which seal had i got, white or grey. I said white. He said they are rubbish and dont work. I said i would get a grey graphite seal. He said they are rubbish also. If i fitted one of their seals it would not leak.
Can anyone out there share their experiece of the ken jenkins seal kit.
Is it as good as he says or am i being given a rather too positive view of it.
Not sure what to do now.

@Wiggles says the crank works just as well as the sizing tool. The diameter is about identical. It’s a bit of work but depends on you.

Think i’m going to get the machine shop where i work to knock up a sizing tool for me… if i can find a good drawing with accurate dimensions on. then i’ll try to locate one of the better graphite rope seals.
cheers. tony

Thanks for the info Paul, much appreciated.
The sizes you gave fall in line with what i’ve found while trawling all the other internet sites etc.
The gasket set i’ve got is probably the same as yours. Payen CCE532/5 with a conversion kit CEE532 both from XRN Engineering (trade only supplier).
Was it a white seal supplied in the Kit ?
Cheers. Tony.

No clue: I didn’t write the post.

Though, reading this thread, In STILL amazed how lucky I was, to have done all those engines without a proper tool.


Ok Paul.
Found the topic you got the info from.
Going to have a good read and hopefully pick up some more advice before i start my rebuild…

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Real men don’t need special tools, or manuals… :worried:

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