Rear door buffer?

I’m about to refit the doors on my 1972 XJ6 Series I and noticed that there are rear door buffers and fixing pins in the parts catalogue (see BD39809 and BD39810 below):

Don’t recall removing these from my Jag and I’d like to know where and how they are mounted. A photo of the parts and/or mounted position would be much appreciated. Do they go between the striker plates BD39796 and BD39797/8 or elsewhere?

Apparently these are only used on the newer “disc lock” assemblies after VIN 1L63862 (1972-73) and not on earlier Series I vehicles.

Also, sourcing on these parts if currently available would be helpful too.

Here’s a photo of mine.

Thanks Robert … makes sense now.

You could easily replicate it with some neoprene rubber and a piece of steel.