Rear door chrome trim strip - Series 2?

Hi all,

So I closed the driver’s side rear door of my ’74 series 2 – seemingly over-enthusiastically! – and as it closed, this bit of chrome popped off whatever secures it and released a whole bunch of rust from what I think is the tracking that the chrome strip attaches itself to. Nasty! …

My question is (and I have searched – promise – just can’t seem to find the necessary info!) as to how one goes about removing this chrome strip to assess how I can go about getting the bottom end of the strip to once again lie flat and not stick out.

Any guidance would be very gratefully appreciated.


guess you won’t find any info because there isn’t any.

Jaguar XJ SII didn’t have any chrome+rubber strips, but swage lines. Only Daimlers had chrome strips, attached with fasteners (pop rivets) BD.29334/1.

The things on your pic are after market parts either glued on or riveted on and infamous for rust-traps.

Caught with these strips and in the view of rust problems I’d start with trying to remove the rubber strips (if necessary, cut them out) to find the pop rivets or whatever fasteners have been used. Then you can carefully drill them out. I’d not just pull the strips out as you might cause dents.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Hi Jochen,

My 74 series 2 looks the same as Dave’s (although mine is still attached :crossed_fingers:at the moment!) and mine is a Jaguar.

Dave, I’m sorry but I can’t assist you as I simply don’t know how these are attached as I’ve never had to remove them,



Sorry Dave,

for my misguided answer! - I only saw that chrome strip and totally failed to spot the displaced window frame liner … ouch:-(

The parts catalogues gives some hints as to the fixing points:

Looks like you need the fastener BD.33843.


All in all it looks just clipped on.

Good luck - and, sorry, again


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks Gents - not being too much of a purist and with the primary objective of just securing it back into place so it wasn’t an eyesore or a hazard to passengers, I cleaned out as much of the loose bits as possible and put some heavy duty glue in there and clamped it into position and left it overnight.
This morning shows it’s firmly secured in place and has survived a couple of door closures, so once I’ve cleared up the glue over-spills and filled the gap between the trim and the window with some black mastic filler, it should be all but unnoticeable - I’ll post a picture once done - thanks once again.
Dave J

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