Rear door latch cable

The rear door cable on my 01 X308 seems to have broken. I can’t find a part listing for the rear doors, does anyone have info to share on this? I’ve done the front drivers door already and was hoping they were the same spec but no parts houses show anything for the rear doors.

You will not get a part number without more info.
RH or LH?

It’s the standard wheel base. I thought the cables were interchangeable side to side. It’s the driver side LHD version. Is this a dealer only part vs the front door cables?

As far as I know, the parts are NLA new from the dealer.
The remote handle is part of the cable assy. for the rear doors.(not interchangeable side-to-side)

GNC2573FC is the part number for the LH Except LWB remote control handle/cable.

Likely USED or nothing will be your options.

Thanks for the info. That’s crazy that they make a replacement cable for the front but not the rear. Time to hit the junk yards with fingers crossed.

Aftermarket suppliers might offer just the cable,but the OEM parts are Remote Handle and Cable as an assy. according to JEPC.

The 01 is my wife’s car and she’ll be out of town so I’ll pull the door card off and see how close the cable it to the ones for the front doors. Seems like I should be able to get a stand alone cable somehow. This car has gone through a couple so far and I’ve never experienced that with any of my other Jags. At least I can check the condition of the rear speaker while I’m in there .

When you say “cable”, are you talking about that cheap plastic linkage part in the cable assembly that frequently breaks on the X-300s? :angry: IIRC, it’s a light green or blue color. If so, I had hoped Jag finally either redesigned that nasty little sucker or somehow “reinforced” it by the time the X-308s rolled around. :pray:

HI, It’s the black cable that looks similar to a bicycle hand brake cable. The lead ferule that holds it in place usually fails and it’s time for a new cable. Hoping that’s what I’ll find when I disassemble the door. I’ve had 3 cables fail on X308 doors. So far my X300 is holding up well. :slight_smile:

“lead ferule” - is that what looks like a tiny metal ball, similar in size to a BB but a bit larger? If so, that’s apparently the same type of thing that fails on our hood release cables. :frowning_face:

Yep that’s the bugger. I have had them fail. Hoping that the length will be similar to the front door cable.

I don’t understand (as I often have had come up) why Jag designed such a flawed device or, after discovering the flaw, didn’t work to eliminate it w. subsequent versions of the design. :crazy_face: I would hate to think they took part in “planned obsolescence”, but IMHO it sure looks like it. :frowning_face: Reminds me of those foam upper shock bushings (Bilstein?) that always rot and fall out over time. Jag has been steadfastly using those PITA parts in its saloons from at least the XJ40s to the X-308s. :roll_eyes:

Speaking of Harlem’s hood cable, my friend was finally able to get the driver’s side latch to release (via the access hole in the wheel arch), examine the cable on that side, and jury-rig it as best he could. It appeared to then work flawlessly for several openings/closings, but then the other day we went to open the hood and, although the driver’s side latch disengaged, now the PASSENGER side latch won’t. :rage: Still, I refuse to pay $160.00+ for a new hood cable, not knowing whether after a short time it might fail as well. :grimacing: I really think Jag is holding us XJ8/XK8 owners over a barrel with that one, given that a hood release cable for even a classic XJS is only 20% that amount! :money_with_wings:

[quote=“OTTO69, post:5, topic:420359”]
That’s crazy that they make a replacement cable for the front but not the rear.
[/quote]Most likely the actual scenario is that they still have stock of the fronts. No manufacturer is going to still be making parts for car as old as ours.

To some extent I would say that could be true but why would the aftermarket support the front and not support there rear doors. If it ever warms up and stops raining I’ll dig in and report back.

As usual you were correct :slight_smile: My wife didn’t describe the issue the right way . It is the latch side exterior handle portion that failed rather then the simple latch cable portion. Typical, now to find a used part and install that.