Rear End Sheet Metal Identification Help

What is the sheet metal gusset/part/bracket that is attached/welded to the rear of the rear floor closer panel (opposite side to the cross member stiffener bracket on the cabin side) that the rear anti roll bar attaches to called? I can’t clearly identify it on any of my parts diagrams. Is it per the SNG parts catalog the “bracket assembly for mounting or rear suspension cross member”???

FYI - John has a 70 Series 2 OTS

If the anti-roll bar bracket is fixed to it that’s what it’s called. It’s a bit more than a bracket though because it carries on rearwards as part of the chassis rail which also holds the IRS cage.

On the cabin side at its front , it meets up with the “stiffening bracket” which is hidden between the floor closing panel (vertical panel going across the car) and the curved panel usually referred to as the seat cut-out.

Thanks Clive…took me while to figure that out but you have confirmed what I have finally determined. Currently I have my rear panel assembly exposed and preparing to replace the upper floor lower side sections and rear floor sections. Reconstruction of this car has significantly been hampered not only by natural deterioration (AKA rust) but also a previously botched job I have to try and correct as I go along.

Is this the part you are looking for? It is available from Monocoque Metalworks. If you need the entire chassis legs I believe they are available from Martin Robey and maybe others. If replacing the entire chassis legs there are data points that need to be verified as they are used for identifying other sheet metal locations.

Yes it is . Not sure if I will need to replace it till I get the IRS removed and see how much rust damage there is to those. Thanks much!! FYI They are currently just shy of $700 from SNG.