Rear Exhaust Silencer advice

Hello All,
My X300 needs two new rear exhaust silencers fitted. My local garage in Denmark advices me to go with a pair from Jaguar Denmark. Those silencers are quite expensive of course. My X300 is my daily driver, and I would not be happy with added exhaust noise. But I would be happy to not pay 1200£ for at set of silencers.
I am looking at this alternative: SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road
Do any of you have experience with this brand of exhaust silencers? (listed at €207,73)
Thank you in advance.

I very much doubt that this exhaust silencer from SNGB will be “noisier” than the original. In my experience, SNGB parts closely match the original. Contact them and ask!

Thank you. I have written and asked the seller company.