Rear flooring insulation removal

Underneath the car, roughly where rear passenger floorboards are, there are these hard particle board pieces with fiberglass looking insulation underneath.

One side, the board has cracked off exposing insulation material as a mess, and the other side is about to crack.

These are roughly where mid mufflers go, which i assume the insulation was to keep rear passenger toes from getting hot. But I’ve removed my mid mufflers. So I’d like to remove all of this insulation junk.

Any advice before i try? Wear a mask? What will I find, and do I need to treat body underneath fiberglass material?

I would wear a mask and possibly set up a fan to blow particles away from me. I doubt they are asbestos but whatever you don’t want to breath them. I would undercoat body (especially in Seattle) if not already done. I have not had mine off so I don’t know but I doubt there are any surprises. You may notice more exhaust resonance with them removed, so be ready for that.

The under body has a pretty decent factory undercoat, a thick black tar-like stuff. Any areas where it’s come off I sprayed some paint there, and areas where it looked thin I sprayed some wax over. So I ‘hope’ I’m good.

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For information purposes, it wasn’t bad. What was left of the board like material, a couple screws. There is a huge piece that goes back underneath trunk above rear axle, so I left that in tact. The insulation isn’t really fiberglass, more of a fluff. Its just glued on to body, which luckily also is treated with black bumpy spray too.

Wow, you’re going in again, I did not know that stuff was
There. I suppose the question would be, if your going to
remove it, what would you replace it with? Sometimes
you open a pandora’s box and get presented with 8 more,
Issues and or potential problems. Does it show up in
The ROM or parts manual a a replacement item? It must
be there for a reason as you suggested maybe heat deflection
or control.
You would like to think that 30 years after these cars were
built there is a more modern cleaner solution.
Probably that stick down dyna tape material that they use
For hood liners and sound control?
Just a thought.

It’s where those huge mid-mufflers used to be. Since I removed mine, I’m not bothered.