Rear Gear Box Oil Seal

(Grant St Quentin) #1

Hi All,

Does any one have a tip regarding replacing rear gear box oil seal on a mark V or is the process set out in the work shop manual sufficient?



(Rob Reilly) #2

Yes, it’s pretty simple.
The most work is getting the front driveshaft out of the way first.
Then you can pull out the split cotter pin.
Remove the big nut.
Pull out the flange.
Pull out the old seal with a seal puller. There are many types on the market. This is what I use. I got it from an old retired Viking marauder who called it his Saxonator.
Tap in the new seal evenly with a large socket or pipe nipple.
Put the flange back in.
Install the big nut, but not tightly, back off a little bit, so the flange is free to rotate, but there is not a lot of end play, and so you can put the new split cotter pin in.
Then put back the front driveshaft.
Here’s my old and new together.

(Peter Scott) #3

I have just done this job a couple of weeks ago on my SS. It is quite difficult to get the new seal to enter the rear casing evenly. To aid this I took a sharp knife around the rim of the casing to provide a small chamfer. Once you have got entry all round then clamp the casing and new seal between two flat pieces of wood in large vice and tighten up the vice.

When remounting the casing on the gearbox I also had difficulty in entering the speedo drive until I realised that I had not tightened the set screw behind the drive bush sufficiently. See the last posting in this thread:


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