Rear glass seal replacement thoughts?

Hello to all,
Regarding this video on a utuber replacing rear glass seal, I would like to try and replace my rear glass seal again. I’m looking for comments from anyone who has successfully replaced their seal referencing the video. Not many glass companies are excited about doing this type of repair in my part of the woods.
In the description, he links to a Uro seal and a certain black sealant on Amazon.
Are both items acceptable in your opinion?
Replacing The Rear Glass Seal On The Jaguar XJS - YouTube

I did this job last year and the videos removal of glass is basically what did. Be very careful with removal of trim (don’t bend it). Once removed clean area and such just like he did. Rubber goes on glass then trim (can be a bit of a pain). I used parachute cord (he used wire) for pulling lip. Just don’t use something to fine (can cut into rubber while pulling). Two people are really handy. One in car slowly pulling and making sure lip goes over metal the other just pushing down (easy) and making sure trim stays in place. As for sealant I used 3M auto bedding and glazing compound. Use plenty because you can’t add more when done (as he shows) This stuff I think is what was originally used. It’s a little stiffer than the product he used. It is still a messy job the parachute cord was a little easier to get a grip on. Working (pulling around the corners take your time). Once installed there is a lip for the head liner and rear quarter trim.


Thanks for sharing your experience nib!
Do you think one can use thin medical type gloves to do this work or the black sealant is best applied with bare hands? Sorry to ask for the details, but I’m hoping to get it all completed correctly next time around.

Sure, gloves are fine. Actually, really smart. Just take your time it’s not an easy (or should I say peel and stick) job. Removal you will build confidence, cleaning you will build more, preassembly you will think you’re a god. Then welcome to Jag ownership. :smirk:

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Hi NIB, do you know if the trim is part of the sealing system of the window? Ive had my rear window replaced and the guys can’t get the chrome trim to go back in.

Yes, with the rear window the stainless trim is installed on the rubber prior to the window being installed.

The bottom chrome trim ended up coming off but the half circle is still on.
I don’t have any water leaks but I would like to redo so that all trim goes back and stay on.
Too cold in the Boston area recently, but hopefully I get a chance to redo before winter sets in.

It is nearly impossible to install the lower trim after the glass is in, but it is doable if in the sun on a hot day to make the seal pliable. The trim does not provide any sealing, so you may want to wait….speaking from experience. I was able to install mine under the above conditions without damage. Use a plastic trim stick to work the rubber over the stainless.

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