Rear hatch glass 2+2

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Description: I am looking for clear OEM rear hatch glass for a 2+2. Ideally it will be the heated version. Thanks!

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@Robert_Laughton … got any laying around?

Bump. Anything out there?

BD22740 Heated Rear Windscreen Clear (As listed - SNG Barratt, Moss)
BD22744 Heated Rear Windscreen Tinted (As listed - Moss - Unknown # Barratt)

I’ve got a new one in a box from SNG Barratt. Not certain…if tinted, heated. I’ll take a look and see what it is.

Thanks for checking it out. Let me know what you find.

Sorry Robert…it looks like this is ’ Heated, Grn Tinted ’ . The package is still sealed with SNG Barratt Packing Tape…so I never saw the Glass…but I found a Shipping Label BD22744 Rear Hatch Screen Tinted/Heated.

No worries thanks for checking.

Check out Vintage Jaguar Parts, they have a heated window in there inventory.

Thanks! Looks like it’s tinted though.

I have one, clear but unheated from a '65 coupe. I believe all FHCs except the very early ones used the same glass.

Has a few light scratches which may polish out. $100 US plus shipping if that’s any help. I’m near Toronto.

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Clive, I sent you a PM. Thanks.

hi i have rear glass if u still need it get back to me im in new jersey robert

text me 609 489 2149 or call i have the heated glass great condition i have to look it over again to make sure its in great shape