Rear hub bearing replacement

1986 XJ6 Federal vehicle. Removed rear hub assembly due to bad bearings. Can not figure out how to support the casting to press the shaft out of the inner bearing inner race. No flat or suitable surfaces to support the casting whilst applying pressure to the shaft to disengage from the inner bearing inner race? ideas anyone? Can I drill a hole in the casting and add a grease fitting? There is already one drilled hole in the casting for the breather vent. Currently no way to add grease to the bearings after installed?

later model then a ones I have worked on, however

in the older FSM, it shows how to make a jig to support the housing level,

I just used wood, and a see if they will knock right out with drift & hammer, usually they do

If not, a press, with metal plates

there is slots inside the housing to allow the bearing races to be knocked out with a long thin punch, but they are hard to see

there are descriptions in the archives where people have drilled and tapped to add a grease nipple

Tony, Thank you for your response. I am guessing the IRS has not changed much in design since introduced in the E-types. FSM I have, Jag. Daimler AKM 9006 copyright date 1995, just states carry to press and press shaft from bearing race. Not much help there. LOL. Good to know I can drill a hole and add a grease nipple. Going to do that to both sides. I will look that up in the archives for drill hole/grease fitting placement.

Maybe there’s something in this video that will help?

(I haven’t watched it in years so I really don’t remember)


That’s how I did it also.

check out my channel I’ve done a complete tear down and rebuild of the hub / carrier assembly

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Mark, lots of good stuff in those videos. Great job and thank you for the very helpful video link. The Jag manual states something like reverse order of disassembly. That wasn’t very helpful. Of course check clearance distances and shim accordingly was stated in the manual.

David in Houston, Texas.

Jag manual, I know right! The series one and two manuals are a lot more helpful. The series three a joke. Thats how i fell upon this forum.

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Like and subscribe if you think the videos are worth while. Click on the bell for notification of up and coming videos. I’m working on the half shaft & carrier install video now. These videos are a huge time suck. A 15 min video takes
about 4 days to assemble.

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Finished the rear hub bearing replacement job. Everything went well thanks to Mark Lee’s excellent video. Still quite a fidgety job if you are also trying to abide by the manual and all the clearance checking and shimming that is required. Wow, that really made a difference in the steering and ride stability. I guess it had been going out for a while and I was just chalking it up to old vehicle with multiple worn out bushings. Steering and maneuverability are now spot on. Thanks go out to all that responded to assist me.

Oh My Gosh! thank you so much for the kind words about the video. You are the exact reason why I decided to do the videos. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

I’m really glad you got the hubs done, and I’m especially happy that the video was useful, I’ve been side tracked from finishing the IRS, by keeping my daily driver '85 Series III on the road. I know it’s way past due for hubs, I’m pretty sure I hear a bit of a whine, from time to time.

Mark Lee