Rear hub & carrier service manual

When I first got my Jag, I went to the local Jag dealership and gave them the part number for the CD. They got it for me and I’ve been happy ever since.

Now that I’m taking apart the IRS, I went into the manual to look for some of the procedures for setting end float of the various bearing assemblies. The problem is that Wishbone Bearings - Remove and Refit 64.35.16 references Rear Hub and Carrier Assembly - Remove and Refit 67.15.01. This portion of the service manual is not included on the CD.

There are some good YouTube videos but I would still like to have the manual as a reference. Has anyone else run into this?

The process is referenced her. But…

That information is contained in the “Rear Axle” chapter.

I’m looking through it (11 Rear Axle.pdf) and I don’t see any references other than 51.10.xx which deals with the half-shaft removal, rework and reinstall.

I have an early 3.8 manual and I assumed incorrectly.
I checked the e-type uk forum knowledge database series 3 section and found what you are looking for under section 14, Rear Suspension. You need to login to access.

Heck of a resource that they have there.
Thanks for the link.